Addressing coastal erosion impacts at Ocean Grove Main Beach

In recent years the Ocean Grove Main Beach has been heavily impacted by coastal storm erosion. This coastal erosion threatens the foreshore and the beach access assets which are located on it. These assets include the Main Beach Access Ramp, the beach car park and the toilet block. 

The existing ramp is structurally compromised as a result of damaging coastal processes, notably a large storm in 2015 and a continuing series of surge impacts which caused significant local erosion of the sand dune.

We have lost 6 to 8 metres of this foredune in the last ten years. This is, in turn, threatening important community beach access infrastructure on the top of the dune, including the main beach car park and toilet block.

What are we doing to tackle this problem?

We conducted an investigation into the issues at this site with environmental consultants Water Technology. We investigated the coastal erosion processes and what options for solutions are available. Through this process we identified that part of the solution to the erosion impacts will be the replacement of the main beach access ramp and foreshore protection works. The ramp is old and with recent storm impacts becoming more severe it needs to be redesigned and rebuilt to maintain safe access to this significant stretch of coastline.

Another element to the solution is to protect the foreshore from further erosion. This is to be done through the construction of a smooth rock sloped seawall (brown coloured) and the extension of the existing seawall to the east .

How did we work with the community on this project?

Barwon Coast are committed to working with the community. We needed the community and key stakeholder groups’ assistance to make the best decision on a new ramp design and foreshore protection arrangements at this site. We conducted a series of Open Houses and Community Listening Posts in October and November 2018. A Summary Report on this consultation and a series of documents that were made available throughout the consultation can be downloaded from this webpage. 

Project Timelines

The construction of the new ramp, extended seawall and new sloped smooth rock sea wall commenced in September 2019. It is anticipated that the new ramp will be open for use by late December 2019. The remaining works will be completed in the early months of 2020 after the summer school holiday period. 


Project Funding

This project has been funded by the Victorian State Government through the Coastal Infrastructure Upgrade Program and Barwon Coast.

Questions? Concerns?

Please contact Barwon Coast if you have any questions or concerns about the community engagement process or the project itself.