About Us

Who We Are

We are the Barwon Coast Committee of Management Inc. (Barwon Coast). We are appointed by the Victorian State Government to manage 15km of coastal Crown land at Collendina, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, the Barwon Estuary and 13th Beach  in Victoria, Australia. We protect and enhance the natural environment and provide opportunities for the community to enjoy the coastline. Our vision is that the natural environment of our coastline will flourish whilst meeting the needs of our engaged communities.

Committee members are appointed under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 and are selected through a public skills-based ‘expression of interest’ process and oversee the business operations of Barwon Coast; having responsibility for:

  • The natural values of the foreshore reserves
  • Cultural heritage protection
  • The Port of Barwon Heads
  • Caravan parks and camping ground
  • Commercial leases, licences and permits
  • Implementation of tourism, recreation and educational services and facilities

Barwon Coast has a local work force of around 55 skilled employees to deliver state government policies on behalf of all Victorians.Our key strategic document that guides our work is the Barwon Coast Coastal and Marine Management Plan 2019-2025.

Our Funding

All incoming funds are reinvested back into maintaining and improving coastal Crown land, public infrastructure and caravan park and campground facilities.

We currently generate approximately $8 million in direct revenue annually, with the majority derived through fees from the caravan parks we manage. Other revenue is derived from a range of sources including lease, licence and permit fees, and supplemented by government grants for specific projects.

No recurrent funding is received from commonwealth, state or local government.