About Us

Barwon Coast Committee of Management Inc. (Barwon Coast) is appointed by the Victorian State Government to manage 15km of coastal Crown land through the Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads townships, along the Bass Strait coast of the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Barwon Coast has the charter to protect and enhance the natural environment and provide opportunities for the community to enjoy the coastline. Our vision is that the natural environment of our coastline will flourish whilst meeting the needs of our engaged communities.

Committee members are appointed under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 and are selected through a public skills-based ‘expression of interest’ process and volunteer their time to oversee the business operations of Barwon Coast; having responsibility for:

The natural values of the foreshore reserves
Cultural heritage protection
The Port of Barwon Heads
Caravan parks and camping ground
Commercial leases, licences and permits
Implementation of tourism, recreation and educational services and facilities

Barwon Coast has a work force of around 50 employees to deliver state government policies on behalf of all Victorians. Revenue of around $5M annually is generated from caravan park operations, lease, licence and permit fees and grant applications.

Draft Coastal and Marine Management Plan - Have Your Say On the Future of Your Local Coast

Barwon Coast has a long-term vision for the Barwon coastline: ‘The natural environment of our coastline will flourish whilst meeting the needs of our engaged communities’

To work towards achieving this vision Barwon Coast has developed a five year strategic plan called the Coastal and Marine Management Plan (CMMP) 2020 - 2025. Barwon Coast has a statutory obligation under the Marine & Coastal Act 2018 to develop a CMMP for the Crown land reserves it manages. The Barwon Coast Crown Land Reserve stretches over 15kms from Connewarre in the east to the western end of 13th Beach.

What has Barwon Coast done so far?

Community and stakeholder views have informed the planning process to create a sustainable plan for the future use of the Barwon coastline. Barwon Coast started developing the Draft CMMP in 2017 with extensive stakeholder and community engagement. This first stage of engagement helped define the ‘Issues and Opportunities’ that the community saw as important for the Barwon Coast coastal reserve. This feedback together with legislative and policy directions was then used to develop a Draft CMMP which is now open for public consultation.

The Draft Coastal and Marine Management Plan

The Draft CMMP sets the vision, ten-year objectives, priority actions and outcomes for the next five years. The CMMP outlines a set of guiding principles and ten-year objectives for the long-term management of the Reserve. It also includes outcomes for each objective and specific actions to be implemented by Barwon Coast and its partners over the five years from 2020-2025. Delivery of the CMMP will be underpinned by arrangements for monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement

What does the Draft CCMP focus on?

The Draft CMMP has a focus on:

  • Meeting the demands of increased visitation due to population growth
  • Planning for the increasing effects of climate change
  • Programs to care for, rehabilitate and protect natural habitats and biodiversity
  • Increasing Barwon Coast’s level of Traditional Owner, community, user and stakeholder engagement in setting priorities
  • Ensuring Barwon Coast’s financial viability.

Have Your Say

We would like your feedback on the Draft CMMP. Feedback must be submitted by 10 Feburary 2020. You can download an accessible version of the Draft CMMP on this webpage or a printed copy can be obtained from the Barwon Coast Office at 7 Ewing Blyth Drive, Barwon Heads, VIC.

Your feedback can be left by:

Emailed and written submissions are asked to address the following questions:

  • Are there any values that are not included in the Draft CMMP?;
  • Are there any challenges that are not included in the Draft CMMP?;
  • Are there any opportunities that are not addressed in the Draft CMMP?;
  • What do you like in the Draft CMMP?; and
  • What don’t you like in the Draft CMMP?

Barwon Coast staff are happy to answer any queries on the CMMP. Please contact our office by phoning (03) 5254 1118 or email office@barwoncoast.com.au