At The Heads Lease Tender



  • A 21-year lease is open for tender for the ‘At The Heads’ restaurant facility in Barwon Heads from Friday 7th February
  • The tender period will remain open for a 6-week period from the 7th February until the 20th of March
  • All tender documentation and registration is available through the Barwon Coast portal on Tenderlink at



'At The Heads' is an iconic building situated on coastal Crown land on adjacent to, and over, the waters of the Barwon River estuary in Barwon Heads.  Located on one of regional Victoria’s most popular sections of coast, it experiences very strong demand throughout the year and a summer peak. It operates under a Crown land lease which expires in June 2020.

The lease area consists of a number of buildings, structures and outdoor areas, including the historic Co-op building which appeared in the ABC TV show Seachange.  The main structure underwent a major renovation in the 1990s and incorporated the old Co-op building within it.

A rare and unique opportunity 

Very few opportunities exist outside major cities in Victoria and across Australia to secure exclusive tenure for public facilities in such close proximity to the beach and water. Indeed, this facility is located over the waters of the Barwon River estuary at high tide, and enjoys enviable views of the river and open coast.

Barwon Coast recognises the importance of At The Heads to the local community and visitors. Its image is regularly used to promote Barwon Heads and, coupled with its recognition through television, has become synonymous with Barwon Heads. The current facility is enjoyed by a diversity of people across the residential and visitor spectrum. Its combination of heritage values,  location and ambience has resulted in strong community interest and patronage, and many people have enjoyed celebrations through its role as a function centre. Revenues generated from the existing lease make an important contribution to funding coastal management activities and capital works on the coast.


Why tender?

Given the importance of the site, Barwon Coast is undertaking a competitive tender process for the next 21-year lease. The tender process will identify the prospective lessee offering the greatest net community benefit to operate a new Crown land lease for the facility under acceptable commercial terms to Barwon Coast.

Key points on the tender process

  • The tender period will last for 6 weeks from the 7th February until the 20th of March 2020.
  • The tender process will follow State Government guidlines and procedures.
  • A tenderer’s briefing will occur on-site at 9am on 17th February 2020
  • All tender information, including tender documentation and submission of tenders, is through the Barwon Coast portal on Tenderlink


See our Frequently Asked Questions Sheet on the At The Heads lease tender for further details.


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