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12 January, 2021

New Dog Control Orders

Have you got your copy of the NEW Dog Control Orders for the Barwon coastline?  If not;  

16 December, 2020

Commercial Businesses On The Coast

Did you know that if you conduct a commercial business such as personal training, yoga or surf lessons anywhere on the Barwon Coast foreshore or beaches you are required to hold a Tour Operator Licence?

Please contact us on to find out what you need to do to obtain a permit. Issuing permits for use of the coast helps us ensure equitable use and amenity for all.

One of the important reasons for getting a licence is, as an organiser, you could become personally liable to any injury that occurs to one of the participants. And if you do have Public Liability Insurance it could be null and void without legal tenure, i.e. a consent or licence.

16 December, 2020

Summer Camper Newsletter

Summer has arrived on the Barwon Coast, and that means the campers have arrived!  Our annual summer newsletter has now been released and can be found here and here

15 December, 2020

A COVIDSafe Summer on the Coast

Be COVIDSafe on the Coast

Before heading out to one of the Barwon Coast’s beautiful beaches, playgrounds or coastal trails this summer, we are asking that you stay prepared and safe by planning ahead first. Being ready for increased visitor numbers, long waits at busy locations, and knowing how to keep safe when swimming, boating and exercising, helps us all keep enjoying the Barwon Coast together.


  • Keep 1.5m distance from people you don’t live with. When on the beach ‘Embrace the Space’.
  • Keep swims safe, by checking safety signs before entering the water, swimming between the flags and always supervising children closely;
  • Keep a face mask handy at all times;
  • At the first sign of any symptoms, get tested then stay home; and
  • Keep updated at

Things not as normal…..

Staying COVIDSafe whilst on the coast is at the centre of everything on the Barwon Coast this  summer. Things won’t be as normal on the coast this summer. We have changed the way we are managing the coast in a number of ways to operate in a COVIDSafe manner.

  • The Barwon Coast Committee have made the difficult decision to cancel the New Years’ Eve Fireworks display from the Barwon Heads Bluff. The annual display draws thousands of visitors to the Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads’ foreshore and holding such an event would place unnecessary risk on members of the public, Barwon Coast staff, Police and Emergency Services. We know that this will be very disappointing for some, but we feel it is a decision that also respects the commitment by our community and visitors to keep the region COVIDSafe
  • The Barwon Coast Beach Bus will also not be operating. We are reviewing this service and its contribution to the reduction of car parking issues on the coast.
  • The Barwon Estuary Heritage Centre (The Lobster Pot) will not open this summer. The dedicated volunteers will be working to reopen in the near future

While summer will be a little bit different this year, some things will be the same. Our caravan parks and seasonal campground are operating with COVIDSafe measures in place, as are the public amenities we provide along the coast.

22 September, 2020

Tea Tree in Bloom

We hope you have had the pleasure of seeing the beautiful shrubby trees covered with white flowers whilst out on the coast this Spring. These are Coast Tea-trees Leptospermum laevigatum. They are a long lived local native plant along our coastline. The common name of Tea-tree is said to come from early settlers who soaked the leaves in boiling water to make a tea substitute. Aboriginal people used the aromatic leaves for medicine, and today the oils are used by many as an antiseptic or therapeutic oil. Coast Tea-trees form part of our threatened Coastal Moonah Woodland community.

18 February, 2020

More litter on Local Beaches in Winter than Summer

Thanks to a dedicated local community volunteer, data is being collected on the volume of litter found on our local beaches. This valuable information is being collected year round between beach access ways 6W at Collendina to 14W in Ocean Grove.

This wonderful volunteer (who wishes to remain anonymous) has been collecting litter data since 2017. Analysing the 3 year litter dataset,  we can start to see some concerning trends. The data is showing that the highest volume of rubbish along our coastline is during July, not during the busy summer months.  In 2019, October and December had the highest number of days when litter was present in the collection area, however July showed the highest volume of litter overall. 

The July 2019 records tallied 1766 pieces of dog waste and 3359 rubbish items collected over 25 days, compared to the December tally over 30 days of  759 pieces of dog waste and 1738 rubbish items. This is an increase of in excess of 60% for both categories.   

Barwon Coast are keen to gather more data on rubbish on the local coastline, including the intertidal zone of the beaches. The more data, the more information Barwon Coast have to help the local community tackle this issue. If you are interested in becoming involved in regular citizen science litter clean ups, please contact Barwon Coast on 5254 1118 or  indicating your availability and location of interest to you.



6 February, 2020

Iconic Coastal Restuarant Lease Opens for Public Tender

A 21-year lease is now open for tender for the ‘At The Heads’ restaurant facility in Barwon Heads. This is an exciting opportunity to secure exclusive tenure of an iconic site that offers the rare experience of dining over the waters of the Barwon River Estuary.

The ‘At The Heads’ building boasts wide sweeping ocean views towards Port Phillip Heads and is an integral part of the dining and tourism offering in the Geelong and Bellarine region. The existing facility provides a highly popular café, restaurant and function space. It has a long and interesting history, and became famous in the 1990s featuring in the much loved ABC TV series ‘Seachange’.  

‘At The Heads’ is managed by Barwon Coast, a coastal Committee of Management appointed by the Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Barwon Coast expects the tender process will deliver the best amenity and value for money outcomes with direct benefits for all Victorians who use and enjoy the coast.

The tender period will remain open for a 6-week period from the 7th February until the 20th of March.

All tender documentation will be available through the Barwon Coast portal on Tenderlink at 

For further project information see


24 January, 2020

Your Help for the Hoodie

Hooded Plovers can easily be disturbed during summer so your help to protect their habitat is crucial to ensuring survival of this species.

Hooded Plovers are a Threatened Species in Victoria and Barwon Coast with community volunteers from Friends of Hooded Plover, Birdlife Australia and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is encouraging people, even more seeking your support by respecting management to protect habitat.

We have just lost a hoodie chick on the Ocean Grove Spit, the 5 day old chick just a few grams in weight perished from starvation possibly because we did not or could not?, respond to protect the hoodie habitat.

The image tells the story, the heavy load of footprints of individuals walking through the identified hoodie habitat. Walkers are seen as a threat, caring parent birds call the vulnerable chick to hide, many walkers constantly passing the chick does not gain the opportunity to forage and feed to grow and build resilience.

It is only a short period of time that you need to avoid or by pass a section of beach, please note the signs and follow the request.

We have done this before, we can do it again, please respond to the signs for hoodie habitat;

  • At any time if you can bypass or turn around is great support,
  • Walk past at the water line when a nest scrape cordon in place,
  • Temporary Exclusion Zone for chick foraging, no access through the zone, use the bypass

We do need to Share the Shores and we should show respect, be responsible and recognise all creatures have rights

 “Hooded Plovers are protected, they are threatened wildlife and taking, destroying or disturbing Hooded Plovers, their chicks, or nests is a crime”.


20 January, 2020

3RD try success, a hoodie chick on the OG Spit

A successful hoodie breeding pair have a chick now vigorously feeding on the OG Spit, this is the 3rd year in a row this breeding pair have had a chick on the beach, we look forward to this hoodie family rearing the chick to flight, what a great result that would be 3 fledglings in succession.

Your support will see this happen, please observe the temporary exclusion zone that have been established, please use the bypass trail so the chick can forage for food near the water edge. In the past 2 years this breeding pair has been supported by wonderful Friends of BirdLife Bellarine volunteers, please support the volunteers when on the beach.

Download PDF - Temporary Exclusion Zone for Protection of Hooded Plover Chicks

16 January, 2020

Chicks Hatch

3 Hooded Plover chicks are vigorously foraging for food along the beach at the west end of 13THBeach.

The chicks are barely 5 days old and their caring parent birds have moved them nearly 500m along the beach to a better position to find the food they need to grow and survive.

To support these chicks, Barwon Coast has declared a temporary exclusion zone over a length of beach.

The temporary exclusion zone control is that no individual should enter the section of beach defined by rope cordon that is in place and an imaginary line to the water edge.  

The temporary exclusion zone will be in place as long as the signage is on the beach.

Your support of this control will give these chicks of the threatened hooded plover a great opportunity to survive.

A chick barely over a gram in weight when hatched needs to forage to gain weight and natural resilience to survive. 

Download PDF - Temporary Exclusion Zone For The Protection Of Wildlife; Hooded Plover Breeding - Chicks On Beach

7 January, 2020

Help us plan for the future of the Barwon Coast

We have developed a long-term vision for the Barwon coastline: ‘The natural environment of our coastline will flourish whilst meeting the needs of our engaged communities’

To work towards achieving this vision we have developed a DRAFT five year strategic plan called the Coastal and Marine Management Plan (CMMP) 2020 - 2025.  This plan focuses on:

  • Meeting the demands of increased visitation due to population growth
  • Planning for the increasing effects of climate change
  • Programs to care for, rehabilitate and protect natural habitats and biodiversity
  • Increasing Barwon Coast’s level of Traditional Owner, community, user and stakeholder engagement in setting priorities
  • Ensuring Barwon Coast’s financial viability.

Click here to download a copy of the DRAFT CMMP.

The Draft CMMP is open for public comment on until the 10th of February 2020. If you are interested in the future of your local coast, make sure you have your say.


31 October, 2019

Expressions of Interest - Summer Mobile Food Services

Barwon Coast are inviting expressions of interest for the supply and delivery of the following services from Monday 23rd December 2020 to Tuesday 28th January 2020.


  • Delivery of bread, milk, cakes, ice-cream, food and drinks
  • Mobile coffee
  • Food trucks

These services are for the Barwon Heads Caravan Park, Riverview Family Caravan Park, Riverside Camp Ground and areas of Barwon Coast coastal reserves.

Specifications are available from Barwon Coast email or phone 5254 1118.

All Tenders to be forward by 4pm, Monday November 18th 2019.

Photo by Filip Šablatura on Unsplash

19 September, 2019

Hooded Plovers return to the Barwon Coast

'Tis the season for plovers! A Red Capped Plover (Mummy and chicks) is pictured here at the western end of 13th Beach.

Hooded Plover pairs are also returning to breeding territories on the Barwon Coast. Like many humans in spring, the Hoodies will be house hunting over the next few weeks.

The Hoodies are on the hunt for nest sites - they make sure the nest has good access to seaweed rack for food, good views to spot predators and good access for their tiny chicks once hatched.

Please steer clear of these threatened birds if you see one and keep your dog on lead.

12 September, 2019

Community Concerns Addressed - Barwon Coast Propose New Dog Controls

City of Greater Geelong Council will soon release a revised dog control map for community feedback for beaches at Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads and 13th Beach. We at Barwon Coast will be supporting this consultation process. We proposed a review of the current dog regulations to the City after significant community feedback that the current regulations, in place since 1996, are not effective and are not providing a safe and equitable beach experience for all. We’ve had an increased incidence of uncontrolled dogs off-leash that are compromising the health of wildlife or the safety of other beach users and an associated increase in community complaints.

As a first step in determining what the community required for equitable beach access, we contracted Federation University in 2018 to conduct a study into a number of coastal management issues, including dogs on beaches. Over 1700 community members contributed to this report. The findings from this independent report, plus management learnings over the past 10 years informed the new proposed regulations.

This regulation review is about putting in place common sense rules that balance public safety and environmental impacts with the need to continue allowing locals or visitors to enjoy the beach with their dogs. The proposed regulations still allow for the majority of the Barwon Coast beach areas for dog activities.

We believe the proposed changes will result in many benefits including, for the first time, answering a significant community call for a dog-free area on Ocean Grove beach. Rules and signage will be simplified across the coast and where horses currently access 13th Beach, this area will be designated a horse zone with dogs allowed on lead to create a safe beach experience.

No final decisions have been made about where dogs can be walked and what areas are potentially set aside as exclusion zones. We’ll be supporting the City’s consultation and engaging with our community through this process. 


Related pages: 

Share Our Shores - Beach Use Report

Share Our Shores - Dogs on Beaches

Share Our Shores - Campaign Launch

Domestic Pets

Dogs on Beaches




2 September, 2019

Annual Report Photo Competition

Barwon Coast Annual Report Front Cover Competition

We are again on the hunt for an eye-catching image of the Barwon Coast to use on the front cover of our 2018-19 Annual Report (click here to see previous annual reports). The winning image will be judged by a panel of Barwon Coast Committee of Management members and will receive a  whopping $250 prize money.

We welcome photo submissions that feature any element of the Barwon Coast area of management (Collendina, Ocean Grove, The Barwon Estuary and 13th Beach). The competition closes at 5.00pm AEST on Friday September 27th 2019.  The type of image you submit is only limited by your imagination, but must adhere to the following rules. Entry into the Competition is deemed acceptance of the following rules.


  • The image must be a colour photograph taken by you with no copyright restrictions precluding our use of it on our Annual Report Cover.
  • The image features an area within the Barwon Coast area of management 
  • If there are identifiable people within the image you must have the ability to obtain their permission for us to use the image if yours is the winning image
  • Portrait or landscape orientation images are acceptable, as long as resolution of the image is high. Images cannot be enlarged to fit the specifications. They need to be captured at the required size to start with. Minimum requirements for size are:
    • Landscape images would need to stretch to A3 at 300dpi (3508 pixels x 4961 pixels minimum) in size
    • A portrait image would need to be A4 at 300 dpi (2480 pixels x 3508 pixels minimum).
    • Note: We suggest using a high quality camera set at a high resolution jpeg or using a phone such as an iPhone X. An 8 megapixel camera would be ok for the portrait image, however, you would need a 12 megapixel for the larger landscape image.
  • Entry into the Competition is open to all persons except staff and immediate families of Barwon Coast Committee of Management Inc.
  • The entrant retains all rights associated with their photograph
  • Any winning or shortlisted Entry may be used by Barwon Coast Committee of Management Inc for the purpose of:          
    • judging the Competition
    • displaying the entries on the Barwon Coast website and traditional and social media channels
    • on the front cover of the 2018-19 Barwon Coast Annual Report


Submit your image via email to by 5.00pm AEST on Friday September 27th 2019.  Include your contact details, the name of the entry and a short blurb describing where the image was taken and how. A link to an image storage service such as DropBox or OneDrive is preferred as opposed to a direct attachment.


Blog photo Sunny Au8ust on Unsplash

25 March, 2019

Widespread browning of Coast Beard-heath on the Barwon Coast

Over the past few weeks there has been a widespread browning of the Leucopogon parviflorus (Coast Beard-heath)on the Barwon Coast.

At the end of what some call the '10 year drought', about 10 years ago, the same thing occurred;  i.e. in late summer as the effects of drought continued the Coast Beard-heath's foliage browned off. When rainfall occurred later in autumn the plants regained their foliage. It is our understanding and experience this can happen as a defence mechanism by the plant to protect itself. Last week it was necessary to trim an affected plant and the branches were found to be alive.

We are assuming a similar occurrence is happening to the Coast Beard-heath at present. It is unlikely to be a virus or pathogen as these normally spread from a source, compared to what has happened now simultaneously across the landscape. It is not from herbicides as Barwon Coast has not used any herbicides in the locations where the Coast Beard-heath's are browning off and it is very very unlikely someone else has administered a poison; especially given some specimens are difficult to access and the impact is widespread.

Hopefully we receive some significant rainfall in the coming weeks and see the Coast Beard-heath's health returning.

29 January, 2019

Get on Board - Expressions of interest sought for membership of Victorian Coastal Committees of Management

The Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change is now seeking expressions of interest from community members to join:

  • Barwon Coast Committee of Management
  • Bellarine Bayside Foreshore Committee of Management
  • Great Ocean Road Coast Committee of Management
  • Otway Coast Committee of Management

These positions provide an opportunity for suitably qualified and experienced persons to contribute and provide high level advice on the delivery of coastal management to the Victorian community.

See 'Get On Board Coastal Committees on Management vacancies' for more information.


3 January, 2019

Thank you, Hooded plover chick flies

A chick has grown to be able to fly at Ocean Grove Main Beach

Barwon Coast thanks the Friends of the Hooded Plover Bellarine and the beach community for the important support of the threatened species; Hooded Plover, which has successfully breed at Ocean Grove.

Co-operation in abiding the temporary exclusion zone on the beach has assisted the hoodie chick to grow strongly over the past 5 weeks to progress to flight, a great outcome.

We welcome how the community has stepped up to ‘Share Our Shores’ supporting the survival opportunity for threatened wildlife and respecting the endeavours of volunteers acting generously for us all.

21 December, 2018

Waterway Safety helping to 'Share Our Shores'

The Barwon River that joins Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove is a wonderful natural landscape for us all to enjoy and be inspired.

We share our pleasure of using the river with many others and a great variety of wildlife.

When on the river be aware of other users, the Barwon Heads Sailing Association’s daily high tide sailing races, Kayaks and SUPs available for hire, fishing boats that track along the navigable channel at 5knots.

For your safety don’t swim alone or dive or jump off the bridge or jetty.   

Click here for the Barwon Heads Sailing Association's Notice to Marriners


22 October, 2018

Application period for water-based activities licences now underway

The application period for water-based activities licences is now closed.

The application period for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for a licence to conduct water-based human-powered activities closed on the 27th of September, and the evaluation process is now underway.

These activities include instruction and organised groups for surfing, sea-kayaking, kayaking, canoeing, standup paddling and similar activities, and the non-exclusive hiring of craft and equipment for such activities.

Click here to access our EOI page for full details.

14 September, 2018

Barwon Coast Annual Report Front Cover Competition

Fancy yourself a photographer? Love taking coastal pics? Great! We are on the hunt for an eye-catching image of the Barwon Coast to use on the front cover of our 2017-18 Annual Report (click here to see previous annual reports).

The winning image will be judged by a panel of Barwon Coast Committee members and will receive a  whopping $250 prize money. We welcome all photographs depicting the drama and beauty of the Barwon Coast area of management. The competition closes at 5.00pm AEST on October 5th 2018.  

The type of image you submit is only limited by your imagination, but must adhere to the following rules. Entry into the Competition is deemed acceptance of these rules.

Competition Rules

  • The image must be a colour photograph taken by you with no copyright restrictions precluding our use of it on our Annual Report Cover.
  • The image features an area within the Barwon Coast area of management 
  • If there are identifiable people within the image you must have the ability to obtain their permission for us to use the image if yours is the winning image
  • Portrait or landscape orientation images are acceptable, as long as resolution of the image is high. Images cannot be enlarged to fit the specifications. They need to be captured at the required size to start with. Minimum requirements for size are:
    • Landscape images would need to stretch to A3 at 300dpi (3508 pixels x 4961 pixels minimum) in size
    • A portrait image would need to be A4 at 300 dpi (2480 pixels x 3508 pixels minimum).

Note: We suggest using a high quality camera set at a high resolution jpeg or using a phone such as an iPhone X. An 8 megapixel camera would be ok for the portrait image, however, you would need a 12 megapixel for the larger landscape image.

  • Entry into the Competition is open to all persons except staff and immediate families of Barwon Coast Committee of Management Inc.
  • The entrant retains all rights associated with their photograph
  • Any winning or shortlisted Entry may be used by Barwon Coast Committee of Management Inc for the purpose of:          
    • judging the Competition
    • displaying the entries on the Barwon Coast website and social media channels
    • on the front cover of the 2017-18 Barwon Coast Annual Report

How to Enter

Submit your image via email to by 5.00pm AEST on October 5th 2018.  Include your contact details, the name of the entry and short blurb describing where the image was taken and how. A link to an image storage service such as DropBox or OneDrive is preferred as opposed to a direct attachment.

31 August, 2018

EOI process for water-based activities licences now open

Barwon Coast is delighted to invite all interested parties to apply for a licence to conduct water-based human-powered activities at designated sites at Ocean Grove, the Barwon River and 13th Beach.

These activities include instruction and organised groups for surfing, sea-kayaking, kayaking, canoeing, standup paddling and similar activities, and the non-exclusive hiring of craft and equipment for such activities.

Applications close at 2pm on
Thursday 27th September 2018.

Click here to access our EOI page for full details.

24 August, 2018

Final Beach Use Research Report to be Released

In late 2017 we funded social researchers from Federation University to undertake a study to develop a better understanding of community opinions and experiences in relation to a number of key issues impacting on our area of management.

The study is called "Barwon Coast Coastal Management and Beach Usage Research".

A number of methods were used to gather data for the study including a public survey which had 1715 responses, focus group interviews, written submissions, site visits, document and demographic analysis and email and telephone feedback. Thank-you to everyone who took part in this study.

The significant public response to the study required a longer period of analysis than expected which has slightly delayed the release of the final report. We anticipate that the report will be finalised and released in September 2018. Please keep an eye on our newspaper updates and our website and social media accounts in the coming weeks for the announcement of its release.

27 July, 2018

New licences for surf schools and other water-based activities.

New licences for surf schools and other water-based activities


BCCM will shortly commence an Expression of Interest (EoI) process intended to deliver new 5-year licences to run commercial user-fee water-based activities (human-powered) from late 2018. 


This is expected to cover all commercial water-based activities which are human-powered such as instruction and organised group surfing, kayaking, canoeing, standup paddling and the hiring of these craft within designated zones on the Barwon Coast. User fees are applicable and Barwon Coast earns income from the commercial activity which supports coastal management. 


We’d like feedback from members of the community to help shape the new licences, and have created a survey to encourage people and groups to provide information about their experience.


Click here to access our EOI page.

Click here for the survey. 

14 May, 2018

Local Port of Barwon Heads, Safety and Environment Management Plan

Local Port of Barwon Heads, Safety and Environment Management Plan

Do you feel safe whilst out on the Barwon Estuary?

Barwon Coast is the appointed manager of the Local Port of Barwon Heads. The local port is defined as the waters from near shore in Bass Strait to the Barwon River from its mouth to Sheepwash Road in Barwon Heads.

As part of our role as Port manager we have prepared a Safety and Environment Management Plan (SEMP). This plan is intended to be an active document that will capture changes in uses and conditions of the port.

The SEMP can be viewed here . Comments are always invited and any waterway observations are welcomed via email or call 5254 1118.

30 April, 2018

Local legend helps tackle the litter problem on the Barwon Coast

6 yr old Jack is a complete local legend!

At the Flinders Parade playground Jack decided all on his own to help his local environment and community and collected this bag full of litter  This is one solution to the huge litter problem we have on the Barwon Coast.

Just this last week we have ad huge loads of illegal rubbish dumped at various spots throughout our coastal reserves.

If you see a litterer, dob them in to EPA Victoria.

17 April, 2018

Local Citizen Science - Call for volunteers for Beach Monitoring

Local Citizen Science - Call for volunteers for Beach Monitoring

Have you ever noticed changes in the level of beach sand and the shape of sand dunes over time? Have you wondered how sea level rise and storm surges may exacerbate this? You’re not alone!

Barwon Coast and the Victorian Department of Environment Land Water and Planning are starting up a local Community Beach Monitoring Program and are looking for volunteers. We need you!

To get involved the first step is to attend a workshop on Wednesday 9th May.

Workshop Details

Join us at a workshop to learn about coastal processes and the monitoring techniques available to better understand our beaches. 

Barwon Coast, together with DELWP, is hosting a workshop to support the release of the Coastal Management Guidelines for Monitoring Sandy Coasts in South West Victoria. Coastal experts Neville Rosengren and Tony Miner will be available to discuss future monitoring opportunities. 

Neville is a geomorphologist with more than 45 years’ experience in research, teaching and consultancy in Australia and overseas. Tony is a geotechnical engineer who has specialised in coastal risk management from the Bellarine Peninsula to Portland for the last 18 years.  Neville and Tony will spend the morning introducing the coastal processes of your unique coastline and the range of monitoring techniques available to better understand your beaches. The afternoon will involve visits to local sites to observe coastal processes in action. 

When: Wednesday 9th May 2018 
Where: Barwon Heads – 13TH Beach SLSC, 13TH Beach road, Connewarre 
Time: 9.30 am - 3.00 pm | Lunch and refreshments provided - please RSVP with any dietary requirements 
What to bring: Pen/paper, suitable clothing for weather on the day, water bottle and an inquisitive nature 

To secure your place in this exciting workshop please RSVP to Barwon Coast by Monday 30th April 2018 by phone 5254 1118 or email 

17 April, 2018

Building and Improving our Infrastructure

With the end of the peak tourist season, we are now focussing on other management activities on the Barwon Coast.

Building and Improving Our Infrastructure

A number of construction works will soon be underway:

  • The Surf Beach Complex - the Dunes Restaurant and the Ocean Grove Surf Lifesaving Club (OGSLSC), will be demolished to make way for the construction of a new complex. The OGSLSC are establishing a temporary site within a section of grass car park immediately behind the main beach toilet block to conduct their activities from while the redevelopment project is in progress. Pedestrians and cyclists should keep a look out for signage as the main beach path will be diverted around the building site until early 2019;
  • The Barwon Heads Sea Wall was first built in the 1930s and time, tide and storms have had their impact. In 2016 a section of the wall was replaced. The southern section of the old sea wall is scheduled to be replaced in June this year. The Bluff will be accessible via an alternate pedestrian path whilst the works are underway;
  • The 13th Beach Surf Lifesaving Club will also undertake a series of building improvements over the winter months, the first being the addition of a first aid room onto the beach observation tower; and
  • And finally, Toilet Block 5 in the Barwon Heads Caravan Park will soon be refurbished, including a new roof line to reflect the maritime character of the area and the installation of all-abilities facilities.

Our beautiful blog image is the original Barwon Heads Sea Wall being built in the 1930s.

17 April, 2018

Wildlife Management

Wildlife Management

Migratory Seabirds

At this time of year migratory birds are commencing their journey home. In particular you may see Short-tailed Shearwater fledglings begin their first migration north. These birds sometimes lose their way and land anywhere along our coastline, weak and exhausted. Please keep dogs well clear to give them a chance at survival.

Fox Control Program

We are undertaking a fox control program in the sand dunes along 13th Beach to assist habitat rehabilitation. The fox is a pest that both kills fauna and spreads weeds. Signage is placed at entry points to the coast and baits are buried in remote, fenced off sections of the sand dunes.

3 April, 2018

Ocean Grove Coastcare Walk n' Talk

Where Once Were Campsites.......

Ocean Grove Coastcare is nearing the end of a two-year revegetation project near the Ocean Grove Surf Club. The site of this project is where camping used to be permitted.

Everyone is invited to come along on Sunday April 8th to see what the landscape looked like in the 1930’s, 60’s & 80's when camping was permitted.

  • Join a guided walk through some of the area that has received over 1000 indigenous plants, and hear about their importance to the dunes
  • Be among the first to receive our new Ocean Grove flora & fauna folder
  • Take home a native plant!

Meet at 10am Sunday April 8th at the west end (B’Heads/O’Grove Rd end) of the Ocean Grove Surf Club carpark. Concludes 11am

​All enquiries ‘Walk & Talk’ on Sunday April 8

20 March, 2018

Dog Behaviour Workshops

Dog Behaviour Workshops

Barwon Coast and Cherished Pets Veterinary Care(link is external) are presenting FREE community education workshops on understanding dogs. Come along to gain a better understanding of dog body language and how dogs interact. This will help prepare you to manage your own dog and your interactions with other dogs in public settings and at home. The workshops are open to both dog owners and non-dog owners and will be held on Sat 14th April 2-4pm and Wed 18th April 7-9pm. No dogs are to be brought along. To book please go to or phone Cherished Pets on 0456 154 851.

Click here for the event flyer

Book now!

22 January, 2018

'Dogs on Beaches' Researchers host info stands on Australia Day Weekend

Researchers Visit the Barwon Coast

Barwon Coast Committee of Management have engaged Federation University Australia to undertake a social research project focusing on the impacts of population and dogs on beaches on the Barwon Coast.  The project is called “Barwon Coast – Examining Impacts of population, domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) and seasonal variants on coastal environments”. Read more about the project here.

Social researchers from Federation University Australia who are working on this project will be holding information stands on the Barwon Coast on the Australia Day long weekend. 

Research Information Stand Locations & Times

Researchers for the project will host an information stand from 8am to 4pm at the following locations:

  • Collendina Beach on Thursday 25/1. Stand will be located in the beach carpark opposite the cheeky cow cafe.
  • Ocean Grove Main Beach on Friday 26/1. Stand will be located near to the toilet block at the top of the ramp to the beach,
  • Starfish Bakery, Hitchcock Avenue, Barwon Heads on Saturday 27/1.

At the information stands you can meet the researchers involved in this project, take the public survey that is key to the research and ask any questions you might have. 

Click here for the survey.



28 November, 2017

Get active on your way to the Wonderland Spiegeltent

Barwon Coast is proud to welcome the Wonderland Spiegeltent, a beautiful 1930s nostalgic wooden mirrored and antique travelling European circus tent, to Barwon Heads this summer. Running from the 26th December to the 28th of January, the Spiegeltent will be located on the foreshore at Lahey Square Park on the foreshore in Barwon Heads, adjacent to the Barwon Heads Bridge.

Car parking on the coast can be tricky over the busy summer months, so patrons of the Wonderland Spiegeltent are encouraged to consider other travel options. Those attending matinee shows will be most affected by low car parking availability.

There are excellent coastal trails leading straight to the Wonderland Spiegeltent site, so why not put on a pair of walking shoes or ride your bike to the show? Bike parking will be available onsite. Perhaps you could convince a friend to drop you off and walk or catch an Uber or a taxi home. Car-pooling with friends is another great idea to reduce the stress of finding a car park.

Barwon Coast runs a small shuttle bus over the summer months between Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads. This could be an option for the matinee shows, but will not be running for the evening shows. Public buses also run from Geelong and other areas of the Bellarine to Barwon Heads, see for timetables.

If you can’t walk or ride to the Wonderland Spiegeltent, parking may be found at a number of sites. Suggested spots include the carpark on the end of the Ocean Grove spit at 20W followed by a short walk across the iconic Barwon Heads bridge, carparks in the Bluff Rd precinct, within Lahey Square itself and along Flinders Parade. A map of suggested car parking sites is available for Spiegeltent patrons and can be found on this page.

Revenue raised from the Spiegeltent’s site rental will go towards Barwon Coast’s coastal management operations. Barwon Coast manage 13km of coastal Crown land from 7W beach access in Ocean Grove to 42W beach access to the west of 13th Beach, Barwon Heads. Management of the coastal reserves is funded through revenue provided by the Barwon Heads Caravan Park, Riverview Family Caravan Park in Ocean Grove, the Riverside Camping area, restaurant leases and events such as the Wonderland Spiegeltent.

For Spiegeltent show bookings click here or phone 9602 1311 or email

10 November, 2017

Dog Attacks inspire new ShareOurShores Campaign


Conflict is occurring between dogs and other beach users on the Barwon Coast. At times this conflict is so significant it involves dog attacks. This cannot continue; and so Barwon Coast are doing something about it. Barwon Coast, in partnership with other organisations including the Victoria Police and the City of Greater Geelong, are launching a new campaign called ShareOurShores. This campaign aims to bring the community together with all organisations involved in dogs on beaches. ShareOurShores promotes the respect, responsibilities and rights that are important in minimising conflict between different beach users and dogs.

ShareOurShores will be launched in Ocean Grove at two identical Campaign Launch Events on Saturday 18th and Monday the 20th November, 2017. A panel of experts will discuss the pros and cons involved in dogon beaches and provide information on the current dog controls that are in place. Everyone, dog owner or not, who has an interest in dogs on beaches is encouraged to come along. Tickets are free and can be booked online  or call 5254 1118.

Gary McPike, General Manager of Barwon Coast said that “Barwon Coast is very concerned about risks to human and wildlife safety created by dogs on beaches. We are also worried about the impact dogs can have on the general amenity of our coastal reserves.”

“Some locals have admitted to us that they are frightened to visit the beach with small children for fear of a dog attack.”

“Many locals and visitors have expressed concerns about dogs on beaches directly to Barwon Coast and we are aware that it is a very prominent topic on local social media forums.”

Sergeant Shane Connolly of the Victoria Police said that “Unlawful behaviour by dog owners is of concern to the Bellarine Police members as it poses a threat to public safety. We welcome our involvement in the ShareOurShores Campaign launch as it will enable us to speak with the community about antisocial behaviour and dog owners not adhering to dog control laws.”

Barwon Coast are charged with the management of 13kms of coastal crown land from the east of Ocean Grove to the western end of 13th beach. Barwon Coast set dog control orders that dictate the where, when and how people walking dogs may use the coastal reserves. Dog Control Orders are enforced by officers from the City of Greater Geelong. 

10 November, 2017

Wonderland Spiegeltent Comes to Barwon Heads

No need to run away to the circus this summer – it’s coming to you! Barwon Coast is proud to welcome the Wonderland Spiegeltent, a beautiful 1930s nostalgic wooden mirrored and antique travelling European circus tent, to Barwon Heads this summer.

After a day of surf, sand and sun the Wonderland Spiegeltent will provide an exciting night out for locals and visitors to the Barwon Coast. Featuring a spectacular program of live entertainment on offer for all ages. Take your pick of Circus, Cabaret, Comedy, Music and Kids shows that will keep everyone cool all summer long.

Running from the 26th December to the 28th of January, the Spiegeltent will be located on the foreshore at Lahey Square Park on the foreshore in Barwon Heads adjacent to the Barwon Heads Bridge.

There are a number of shows on offer including Papillion – a show for grown-ups with thrilling physical circus and sideshow extravaganza featuring high-flying acrobats, death-defying balancing acts, saucy humour and cheeky performers. Circus Wonderland will delight the whole family with the Strongman, the Contortionist, the Gypsy, and a mesmerizing cast of acrobats delivering a thrilling and hilarious circus spectacular.

Local community groups will also get their chance to shine with the Barwon Heads Arts Council Presenting EmotionWorks Cut Opera Don Giovanni – Lets Rock N Roll and Carmen and the Barwon Heads Film Society running movie nights every Monday and Tuesday evenings from 7pm.

Revenue raised from the Spiegeltent’s site rental will go towards Barwon Coast’s coastal management operations. Barwon Coast manage 13km of coastal Crown land from 7W beach access in Ocean Grove to 42W beach access to the west of 13th Beach, Barwon Heads. Management of the coastal reserves is funded through revenue provided by the Barwon Heads Caravan Park, Riverview Family Caravan Park in Ocean Grove, the Riverside Camping area, restaurant leases and events such as the Wonderland Spiegeltent.

For bookings visit or phone 9602 1311 or email

9 November, 2017

A New Coastal Lease for a New Coastal Icon

Barwon Coast Committee of Management has awarded Short Game Pty Ltd a 21-year lease to operate Dunes Café at the soon to be redeveloped Ocean Grove Surf Beach Complex following a competitive tender process. The keenly contested tender attracted state-wide interest including several local existing business owners currently operating hospitality businesses in the Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads area. Short Game Pty provided the tender evaluation panel with a clear leading tender and were consequently recommended to the tender committee. 

In comparing the financial offer and overall capability and experience of each submission, the tender committee found that Short Game offered the superior tender with respect to both the financial and overall non-financial, vision, capability and service provision. The timing of the tender allows Short Game to have direct input into the detailed design phase of the project development, allowing the business to adapt the new premises to suit its needs. 

Barwon Coast looks forward to a successful relationship with Short Game over the years to come, confident that their depth of hospitality experience and event management will provide optimal service to their clients and the best possible financial return to all Victorians. Barwon Coast thank the outgoing lessees for their years of service to the local community and visitors to the popular premises. 

30 October, 2017

ShareOurShores Campaign Launch

ShareOurShores Campaign Launch  

Respect, Responsibities & Rights.


Please join us for the launch of ShareOurShores.ShareOurShores promotes the respect, responsibilities and rights that are important in minimising conflict between different beach users and dogs. Click here to book your free tickets for the Campaign Launch in Ocean Grove on either November 18th or November 20th 2017.

The Barwon Coast and surrounding beaches are home to a variety of wildlife and are also popular for dog walking, surfing, family picnics, exercise groups and the list goes on! At times these various uses of the beach conflict with each other and that’s when issues arise.

Come and listen to a panel of experts discuss the pros and cons of associated with dogs on our local beaches. Following the presentations you will have a chance to talk individually and access further information from the presenting organisations.

Master of Ceremonies is Kevin Collister from Totally ProActive Pty Ltd

Our Panel will feature representatives from:

18 October, 2017

Rare Species Planted on 13th Beach Dunes

In the last few weeks some rare and indigenous plant species have found a new home on 13th Beach.

Barwon Coast staff, in partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia, have planted the locally rare species Lotus Australis, Poa poiformis, Poa labillardieri, Ficinia nodosa and Leucophyta brownie at the site of the old staircase at 31W that was washed away in a storm. Iconic local species including Moonah trees and Coastal Beard-heath were also planted at a site in the adjacent carpark. 

17 October, 2017

Creepy Weeds VS Fungus - An Epic Battle


So ‘Bridal Creeper’ is not the name of the latest horror movie, it’s a nasty species of weed. Every year Barwon Coast use a biological agent called Rust Fungus to tackle this problem. Simply put, we collect the Rust Fungus, turn it into an inert liquid filled with the fungus spores and then spray this onto the Bridal Creeper. This spore water stops the growth of Bridal Creeper. Killing weeds might not sound exciting, but is integral to keeping the Barwon Coast environment healthy.

17 October, 2017

Dumping Rubbish? NOT. ON. THE. COAST.

Illegal dumping of rubbish is a real problem on the Barwon Coast. Household waste, old mattresses or asbestos laden building rubble do not belong in our beautiful coastal reserves. It. Needs. To. Stop. Not only is the rubbish polluting the coastal reserves, but it can also enter our waterways.

Barwon Coast General Manager Gary McPike said “Our best chance is for people who see illegal dumping to report it. You can do this by ringing the EPA Victoria Pollution Hotline on 1300 372 842.” “Try to record as many details as possible about the pollution event and report it as soon as possible. Remember to always put your own safety first if you see this illegal activity, let the authorities deal with it”.

Pictured here is some rubbish that was dumped on the Barwon Heads bluff.

11 August, 2017

Park Your Pet

The City of Greater Geelong has recently launched a free new app that details the 100-plus dog-friendly parks, walking tracks and coastal reserves across Geelong; excluding the Barwon coastline.

The app called 'Park Your Pet' provides information on the range of open spaces and the dog control orders that apply to each place.

The app is an easily accessible format using coloured icons for on-leash and off-leash parks. Dog control orders exist to ensure a safe experience for the wider community, so download the app today.

For Barwon Coast Dog Control Zones click HERE.

10 August, 2017

Ocean Grove Surf Beach Complex Redevelopment

The proposal to redevelop the Ocean Grove Surf Beach Complex, that houses the Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club and 'The Dunes' cafe, has progressed significantly with the plans to date made available to the community at an Open House held at the SLSC on Saturday 15th of July 2017.

The project partners, Ocean Grove SLSC, Barwon Coast and their architects Wood Marsh were onsite at the Community Open House discussing with the 60-70 attendees all aspects of the project.  Considerable written positive feedback has also been received.

Members of the community still have the opportunity to view the plans and comment on them, through the Barwon Coast website or by contacting Barwon Coast directly on 5254 1118.

Click on - plans - to view.

10 August, 2017

Community Renewable Energy Forum

A community Renewable Energy Forum is being held on Sunday 27th August from 2pm - 5pm at the Barwon Heads Community Hall, 77 Hitchock Avenue.

You are invited to come and listen to speakers from our local community, Geelong and beyond to find out how you can get involved in transitioning our community to a clean energy future.

The Forum will be structured with What's happening, What we can do, and a public discussion session.

For more information and to reserve a place at the event visit

This is a partnership event brought to you by the Barwon Heads Association, Barwon Heads Sustainability Group, ReEnergise Geelong, Geelong Sustainability, and the City of Greater Geelong.

3 August, 2017

Barwon Estuary Project Science Day

Barwon Heads Primary School grade 5 students took part in the Barwon Estuary Project science day coordinated by the Barwon Estuary Project team and delivered in partnership with Barwon Coast, Parks Victoria and Estuary Watch.    

Sixteen students with an interest in science learnt the importance of the Barwon estuary, what it provides for us and engaged in discussion and interactive activities.

Experiments on the mixing of freshwater and saltwater, soil colour and texture, testing pH and looking at turbidity provided the students with greater understanding on the complex science side of this unique and fragile ecosystem.

This schools program is not over yet with the following weeks to be filled with more engaging and exciting opportunities for students.



10 February, 2017

Activity Provider - Expressions of Interest

Barwon Coast are now seeking applications from providers wishing to conduct activities such as fitness classes and training on our coastal reserves along the ocean and river at Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove.

​Please contact our office on 5254 1118 or email for a copy of the information & registration document for applicants.

Applications will be accepted until 4:00pm, Monday 27th February 2017

10 January, 2017

Ocean Grove Disabled Surfers Association Events

Ocean Grove Main Beach will be the centre of focus on the Sunday of the first weekend of February and March when the Ocean Grove Disabled Surfers Association conduct their events open for an opportunity for any disabled person to enjoy the experience of the surf.

The team welcomes the support of community members to assist the participants for a safe experience, if you are interested please phone Phil 0408 253 206, Nick 0425 713 208

29 December, 2016


The warmer weather provides us with opportunities to attend social gatherings and stay longer periods out in the natural environment, which is good for our health.

People are trying to do the right thing by leaving rubbish at overflowing bin receptacles which may seem harmless, but actually has a significant negative impact on the local environment. The reality of leaving your rubbish in open areas leads to decreased water quality, harms wildlife including marine birds and mammals, and can make our fish toxic; fish that you eat.

When bins are full there are alternatives like, source another bin or take your rubbish home where you can securely stow it away from our wildlife and windy weather.

Litter is every bodies concern and we all have a duty of care to ensure we do not unintentionally litter. Let's clean up our mess together.

Healthy places means healthy people and healthy wildlife. waterways and landscapes.

Together we can make a difference.

28 December, 2016

Have Your Say on Coastal Management

Barwon Coast has embarked on the next iteration of its Coastal Management Plan (CMP) and is calling community to come and have your say.

Barwon Coast Committee of Management (BCCM) manages 13km of coastal Crown land on the Bellarine Peninsula. As required in the Coastal Management Act 1995, BCCM is developing a Coastal Management Plan to provide a long term vision for the area. A CMP is essentially an agreement between government, the committee and its stakeholder community on how the coastal reserves will be managed.

Our goal for the Coastal Management Plan is to ensure ecological diversity for present and future generations who frequent the Barwon Coast environs, while managing increased pressures such as population growth and climate change. As a result, community consultation is very important to help guide the development of the Coastal Management Plan.

In developing a strong and responsive CMP, Barwon Coast would like to engage all community stakeholders through the following options:

1  Attend a community pop up session at Star Fish Bakery, Barwon Heads on Friday 30th December 2016, any time between 10am & 12pm; or 

2  Use the online user friendly CollabMap tool.  The map allows you to provide your comments on the things you value, challenges that you believe need to be addressed and your ideas for the future of the coastal reserves of Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads. ;  or

3   Email your comments to


Keep your eye out for more community pop up sessions over the next couple of week.

Comments will be received until Sunday 22nd January 2017.

More information on Have your Say can be found HERE.

19 December, 2016

No Jetty Jumping

For your safety, do not jump or dive from the Barwon Heads Jetty or the William Buckley Pedestrian Bridge into the Barwon River.

An incident could have a lifelong impact on yourself or a friend, please note the story from the attached news article.  

The river is a dynamic environment and is always changing.

22 November, 2016

Meet the Neighbours

Barwon Coast and Ocean Grove Coastcare calling all beach users to come on down to 13W to a free community event.  It doesn't matter if you just like to walk the beach, surf, lay quietly on the sand to reflect the day, or run your dogs down the beach this event is for you.  The day is about meeting up with others to chat about all things coastal. We would love to hear from  you.

There will be fun interactive games for all ages. Test your skills and knowledge.Free give aways.  Free dog behaviour advice from Jimmy's Dog Training Services.  

Meet the Neighbours is about community caring for community. Come on down I triple dog dare ya!

Saturday 3rd December

13W beach access way - Hodgson Street Ocean Grove

8:30am till 12:30pm.


28 September, 2016

Paddlers Safety

Maritime Safety Victoria invites you to complete a questionnaire to improve paddlers safety.

You can complete this survey by clicking on 

13 July, 2016

Assisting Barwon Heads Primary School

During July the Conservation Volunteers Australia Green Army team worked alongside Barwon Coast staff spending the day providing support at the Barwon Heads Primary School to prepare a section of garden bed.  

This day was part of the Green Army's community day contributing to local community environmental outcomes. The Green Army, a Federal Government initiative, is a great opportunity for young Australians aged 17-24 years to gain training and experience in environmental and heritage conservation fields.

We also acknowledge and thank Robbo's Excavations for  undertaking stage 1 of the works.  This garden bed will now be turned into a habitat garden by the students later in term, providing valuable native vegetation  for the many local birds and possums.

28 June, 2016

TAKE2 - Climate Change Pledge

TAKE2 is Victoria's collective pledge initiative to take action on climate change to help Victoria reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

TAKE2 is open to all Victorians; state government, businesses, local councils, community groups, educational organisations and individuals who want to be part of Victoria's action on climate change.

By participating in the TAKE2 program Victorians have the opportunity to:

  • Publicly commit to taking immediate action on climate change;
  • Contribute to Victoria's leadership on climate change;
  • Be part of the first State-led pledging program in Australia, and one of the mot comprehensive in the world;
  • Help build Victoria's 2020 interim emissions reduction goal;
  • Drive innovation and new technology to address climate change;
  • Showcase how they are making a difference and inspire others to do the same; and
  • Be part of the solution.

To find out more go to:




23 June, 2016

Pets Day Out

Barwon Coast joined forces with the City of Greater Geelong's Environment Unit and Animal Control Officers to disseminate the current dog control orders for our coastline. The day was also about creating awareness on our natural landscape values and simple actions that can be undertaken to ensure its preservation for future generations.

The day was a huge success with the team interacting with around 70 visitors to the event, who were very receptive to finding out more about wildlife on our beaches.

Dogs on beaches are a privilege not a right, and we must all understand and accept that we may have to change our own behaviour from time to time to share this valuable resource.

A copy of the dog control orders for our coastline may be downloaded from this site, or contact the Barwon Coast office ph: 5254 1118 to receive a hard copy in the mail.

Together we can make a difference.

16 May, 2016

Remains Closed 31W Cylinders

Barwon Coast is continuing to work on options for access from the "Cylinders" car park down to 13th Beach.  The site of the old staircase, lost late last year, is still active and presents almost unsurmountable problems for rebuilding on the same site. All other options are being investigated including funding possibilities for those options.  Barwon Coast knows it is a popular site and has received input form stakeholder groups supporting a replacement access in some form.  We will continue to work toward the best outcome possible and to keep the community updated as planning progresses.

16 May, 2016

Surf Beach Complex Redevelopment

Barwon Coast continues to work with the Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club to finalise the plans for the redevelopment of the building.  The redevelopment of the Surf Life Saving Club and The Dunes Cafe is considered a high priority project and all efforts are being made to finalise plans as soon as possible.  When finalised, redevelopment timelines will be established so that work can begin at the earliest opportunity for all concerned.

12 May, 2016

Barwon Estuary Project

This local community project aims to increase knowledge and appreciation of the biodiversity and fragility of the Barwon Estuary.  The project team is calling for participants to record estuary observations online or in a diary, attend workshops, guided walks and expert talks, and contribute to a community publication. As residents and visitors develop a communal understanding of the estuary and become more skilled in sharing their learning and observations via a range of communication strategies, the community will be more motivated and able to collaboratively initiate practical and innovative conservation activities using the infrastructure and experience of existing groups such as Barwon Estuary Watch, Barwon Coast and Barwon Heads Sustainability Group.

Coming Soon

  • Bird photography workshop: Sunday 19th June 2016, 2-4pm;
  • Guided Walk - History, Plants & Water of the estuary: Sunday 14th August 2016, 2-4pm.

Both activities are free and all ages welcome.

Register your interest:  



2 May, 2016

M~M2016 - May 6th Geelong's 80km Extreme Arts Walk

Be part of an 80km extreme arts journey of discovery over two day and 11 stages.

M~M beings at the You Yangs mountain range on Friday 6th May, crosses Geelong's industrial heartland at nightfall and arrives in the city centre to collide with Geelong After Dark, a night of extreme and unexpected arts.

At dawn the next day, follow the Barwon River through rolling Bellarine farmland, along ocean beaches finishing at the mouth of the Barwon estuary at sunset.

The route is punctuated with edgy artworks commissioned for M~M, bringing people together through shared experiences of extreme arts that celebrate our land. In the tradition of Wadawurrung, M~M creates a contemporaty songline across the Geelong and Queenscliffe regions.

You choose the distance and the challenge. Register now at

For more information contact Duncan Esler - phone 03 5272 4773

15 April, 2016

13th April 2016 -Statement from the Minister of Environment, Water and Climate Change - Ocean Grove SLSC

"Upgrading the Ocean Grove SLSC was one of my key election commitments and I am working with the club and community about how we best progress this project.

A recent report that suggested the surf club upgrade has been deferred is incorrect.  The upgrade of the Ocean Grove SLSC building has not been deferred and the timing of this upgrade is no way related to the re-lease request by the adjoining Dunes Cafe.

I am working with the Barwon Coast Committee of Management and the Ocean Grove SLSC about how we best progress the redevelopment of the surf club.

The Andrews Labor Government has committed $2.67 million towards the upgrade of the surf club to ensure that the club has the facilities to allow it to grow and continue to do the important work it does every summer - saving our lives.

I made this election commitment, the project will go ahead."

10 March, 2016

Park Smart

Thieves  everywhere are opportunistic,  and our coastal reserves are no different.

Prevent becoming a statistic down the coast, protect yourselves and your valuables by locking your cars, removing your valuables or be prepared to lose them.


1 February, 2016

Local Port S&EMP

Barwon Coast has the management role for the Local Port of Barwon Heads, an important aspect of the management is engaging with users to have safety and environmental awareness as priorities in the local port activity. A Safety and Environment Management Plan has been prepared for that purpose. The plan is an active document where inputs from users can support the SEMP's review and update, the opportunity for observations and comment is available at any time though that opportunity is highlighted at the beginning of this new year. The SEMP can be downloaded from the web site, visit Environment - Boating.   

18 January, 2016

Green Army

We are pleased to have gained advice from the Federal Government of a Green Army team to support our habitat protection and visitor services programs to begin in May 2016, in 2015 Barwon Coast gained support from the Federal Government’s Green Army program. A team of ten young people worked with enthusiasm along the coastline over a period of 24 weeks taking part in controlling pest plant and animals, professional development days and construction works such as a all abilites lookout upgrade near 30W access way along 13th Beach. Importantly, for team members, they received valuable training and experience in many aspects of coastal Crown land management.

Please contact Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) in Geelong, phone 5221 0300, if you have an interest in being involved. 

9 December, 2015

Sand dune rehabilitation - Ocean Grove

In an endeavour to protect the eroding sand dunes east of the Ocean Grove beach emergency vehicle access ramp a geotextile sand bag wall has been constructed along the toe of the sand dune for 50 metres, the sand dune face was replenished with a large amount of sand moved from the nearby lower beach area and placed on the dunes. The area has been re-fenced along the toe of the dunes and signs warning everyone to keep off the dunes for safety and to protect the works, have been installed.

1 December, 2015

Shared Trail 33W Signpost to Stephens Parade

We welcome the use of the shared trail as Barwon Coast has for a number of years promoted the provision of safer access from Barwon Heads to 13th Beach both on road and off road.

Following upon community feedback to the December 2010 Trail proposal Barwon Coast resolved to proceed with the trail from beach access 33W Signpost to the turning bowl in Stephens Parade. The proposed track to the Surf Club from 33W was put on hold until the outcomes of the multi agency investigations into pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle safety on 13th Beach Rd were completed. These investigations are ongoing.

Application was subsequently made to the Department of Environment and Primary Industries for Coastal Management Act consent for the trail from 33W to Stephens Parade noting that the trail generally follows the direction of the existing informal trails. Such consent was received and Barwon Coast then applied for an obtained a Planning Permit from the City of Greater Geelong.

As part of the Coastal Management Act consent Barwon Coast has developed an approved Vegetation Management Plan (Net Gain) for the coastal dunes.

Brochures and maps available from a number of shops around both towns.

1 December, 2015

Borrow a bag scheme

Barwon Coast is a partner in the Let Our Sea Be Plastic Bag Free project being implemented throughout the township of Barwon Heads and expanding to Ocean Grove. To assist us in caring for the coast, we encourage everybody to work towards minimising the use of plastic bags. The ‘Borrow a Bag’ scheme is now available in Barwon Heads, so don’t worry if you forget to take a reusable shopping bag with you, you can now borrow one of the many bags made free at designated points. Simply borrow a bag, use it and return it next time you go to the shops. Bags can be collected from Barwon Heads Caravan Park and Barwon Heads IGA.

1 December, 2015

New toilet 20W ocean side

A new public toilet has been constructed on the ocean side of the bridge at 20W access way car park. This development includes two unisex toilets with disabled access. The toilet block has minimal environmental impacts and includes a low-water use system.