Barwon Coast is the appointed Local Port Manager under the Port Management Act 1995 for the local port of Barwon Heads, and has an ongoing management agreement with the Department of Economic, Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR). We are also the appointed Waterway Manager under the Marine Safety Act 2010 for the waters of the Local Port of Barwon Heads.

Our role is to:

  • Manage the operations of the port
  • Provide, develop and maintain, navigational aids to the port
  • Provide, develop and maintain port facilities, such as jetties
  • Allocate and manage moorings and berths in the port
  • Participate in the control of marine and land pollution in the port
  • Exercise any other functions of the port manager of a local port under the Port Management Act or any other Act

The includes the Barwon River, downstream of Sheepwash Road to the river’s mouth, and extends 200m seaward from the low tide line into Bass Strait and east to Hodgson Street, Ocean Grove and west to Golf Links road Barwon Heads.

The local port contains two jetties (Ozone and Barwon Heads).The Barwon Heads jetty is used for the berthing of both commercial and recreational vessels. Both jetties are popular with recreational anglers and for general promenading.

The local port contains two swing mooring areas, the larger area upstream being for small craft only.

The RAMSAR listed Lake Connewarre State Game Reserve, and the Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary, both managed by Parks Victoria are within the port.

Boating along the Barwon estuary, Lake Connewarre and within 200m of the open coastline is restricted to a 5 knot speed limit. There is no launching or landing of PWC water craft along the river beaches. These rules will ensure the integrity of the mangrove and seagrass meadows remains healthy to support the ongoing fish populations whilst maintaining a safe family friendly beach environment for the enjoyment by all.

For some great tips on how to navigate the Barwon river safely including bridge clearance, some local hazards and navigational aids that are available see this video made by local boater Josh Mills.Thanks to Josh for sharing this video with us!

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