Coastal Marine Management Plan (CMMP) 2020 - 2025

Barwon Coast has developed a long-term vision for the Barwon coastline:

 ‘The natural environment of our coastline will flourish whilst meeting the needs of our engaged communities’

To work towards achieving this vision we have developed a five year strategic plan called the Coastal and Marine Management Plan (CMMP) 2020 - 2025.  

This plan focuses on:

  • Meeting the demands of increased visitation due to population growth
  • Planning for the increasing effects of climate change
  • Programs to care for, rehabilitate and protect natural habitats and biodiversity
  • Increasing Barwon Coast’s level of Traditional Owner, community, user and stakeholder engagement in setting priorities
  • Ensuring Barwon Coast’s financial viability.

Click here to download a copy of the CMMP 2020- 2025 (approved on 12 December 2021)