Cultural Heritage Planning

Cultural Heritage Management Plans

As of January 2021 we are undertaking the development of a Cultural Heritage Management Plan. In accordance the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 this plan is guided by the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation (WTOAC) and a team of archaeologists from Unearthed Heritage (UHA). A Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) is a written report prepared by a Heritage Advisor. It includes results of an assessment of the potential impact of a proposed activity on Aboriginal cultural heritage. It outlines measures to be taken before, during and after an activity in order to manage and protect Aboriginal cultural heritage in the activity area.

The current CHMP being developed covers 13TH Beach, Barwon Bluff, Barwon Estuary (including the Barwon Heads Caravan Park, Barwon Heads river foreshore and the Riverview Family Caravan Park) and the Ocean Grove Spit area (see map). The CHMP allows us to understand the cultural sensitive sites within these areas. We can then use this information to assist with planning for any future works. These works may include maintenance work or building community assets such as lookout platforms, toilets, car parks or stormwater infrastructure. Planning for any new assets will be open to community consultation through Precinct Masterplanning programs.

The Cultural Heritage Management Plan program will help guide us to be respectful of cultural heritage when considering the sustainable management of the coast.


Image: Archaelogist and field officer working on the CHMP on the Barwon Coast