Hooded Plover Nest Sites on the Barwon Coast

Hooded Plovers are one of Australia's most threatened birds. They are a tiny bird who prefers to nest on sandy ocean beaches with lots of washed up seaweed. The Barwon Coast is ideal for Hoodies (as they are affectionately known) and every year we have many pairs attempt to breed on our beaches. Breeding is fraught with difficulty for Hoodoes.They are the prey of many animals including foxes and birds, and they are also very susceptible to disturbance from humans and dogs. 

How to Spot a Hooded Plover

You would think a black, white and red bird would stand out on the beach, but these little birds are the masters of disguise! It is likely that you could walk right next to a Hoodie chick and not even realise. 

To help with this problem, Barwon Coast staff place warning signs and install Temporary Exclusion Zones when a Hooded Plover is nesting on the beach. To also assist with helping people know where Hoodies are currently nesting we will be updating this webpage with maps of the current nest sites. 

We're working hard to help the Hooded Plover species survive. Please help too by not using parts of the beach where Hooded Plovers are nesting. #ShareOurShores