Let Our Sea Be Plastic Bag Free

A joint initiative with the Barwon Heads Primary School, Barwon Heads Sustainability Group, Barwon Heads Traders and Tourism and local community to minimise the use of plastic bags.

The team has produced over 4,000 reusable jute shopping bags that can be purchased at Barwon Heads Caravan Park, Riverview Family Caravan Park, Barwon Heads IGA, the Barwon Heads Sustainability Group and Ocean Grove Coastcare.

The project has expanded to now include the ‘Borrow a Bag Scheme’ which allows visitors and shoppers to pick up reusable cloth bags, use them for free and return then to the collection point for others to use. Keep your eye out within the township of Barwon Heads for this new initiative from the Barwon Heads Sustainability Group.

Did you know that all plastics including plastic bags are harmful to the natural environment and us. All plastics break down in to micro plastics that are in our oceans and waterways. These plastics are ingested by all animals, including our fish that we eat. Around the world nearly half of all seabird species are likely to ingest debris (CSIRO).

Up to 80% of our rubbish in the ocean comes from the beaches and stormwater drains. Plastics absorb toxins from seawater increasing toxicity levels that further impact on our marine environments.

To find out more on plastics.

Do your bit for our coast and let our sea be plastic bag free.

Barwon Heads Primary School 2015 winners of the Junior Landcare Award for Let Our Sea Be Plastic Bag Free.