Local Indigenous Plants or Weeds

Our coast dunes were once Coastal Moonah Woodlands, now a threatened plant community with less than 10% remaining in fragmented stands throughout Victoria. Coastal Moonah Woodland is protected under the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988, and include the endangered Coast Bitter Bush, Rare Bitter Bush, Coast Wirilda and Trailing Coast Poa.

Native vegetation provides important habitat and food for native animals such as micro bats, echidnas, black wallabies, possums, Jacky lizards, and thousands of important insects which are the super heroes of all ecosystems.

As our neighbouring landscapes change so do the coastal reserve biota. Introduced plants provide little to no nutritional value to our wildlife, reduces habitat for native animals and plants, change the soil composition, attract the wrong insects, and harbour pest animals, all of which contribute to altered sand dunes.

Planting local indigenous plants at home provides additional habitat for native fauna outside our coastal reserves. These habitat gardens brochures are a guide to provide assistance to those willing to share their backyards with our wildlife.

  • Butterfly Garden
  • Frog Garden
  • Reptile Garden

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