Planning for a new Playground at Ocean Grove Main Beach

Barwon Coast are planning for a new playground within the Ocean Grove Main Beach precinct.

Why are we planning to build a playground?

The Ocean Grove Main Beach area is a recognised activity node which adjoins the Ocean Grove township and has a regional significance for safe aquatic access, a restaurant, a major all abilities access toilet facility and large car park area. The Draft Barwon Coast Coastal and Marine Management Plan (CMMP) 2018 – 2023 details “A high level of visitor infrastructure, facilities and services” as a key value for the Ocean Grove Main Beach precinct. Barwon Coast has identified that a new playground would go towards fulfilling this value. Previous community consultation processes for the Draft CMMP and other projects have shown that there is some community support for a playground at Ocean Grove Main Beach. An indicative budget of $200K has been allocated to the development of a playground with funds sourced from both State Government and Barwon Coast.

The proposed playground will provide a fun and safe place for children of all abilities to play in the Ocean Grove Main Beach precinct. The playground will fill a need for a structured play space within this high use activity node.

What have we identified as important requirements for the playground?

Barwon Coast have considered our obligations as a coastal manager and feedback from previous community interactions and have identified the following as important for the proposed playground:

  • An imaginative destination attracting both local residents, visitors and potentially users of the new Surf Beach Complex facilities;
  • An interactive playground with both passive and active play equipment and spaces, recognising the four types of play physical (gross motor), social (dramatic play), creative and cognitive (intellectual);
  • Accessibility to all ages and abilities;
  • Equipment that is creative, robust, environmentally sustainable, blends with the surrounding environment and that meets current design standards;
  • Consideration of harsh marine environment in design and future maintenance;
  • Important links to the surrounding environment including beach, town, Surf Beach Complex and other local tourist destinations;
  • Availability to  toilet amenities where relevant; and
  • Improved access to playground, BBQ’s and toilet facilities where relevant.

How will we work towards developing a playground?

Our project to develop a new playground is planned as follows:

Step 1. April & May 2019. COMPLETE Review community feedback from previous community consultation processes and management requirements at Ocean Grove Main Beach. Work with a landscape architect to develop a draft playground designs for two separate areas on Ocean Grove Main Beach.

Step 2. May 2019. COMPLETE The draft designs provided a focus for consultation with the local community and various other stakeholders such as Emergency Services, local businesses and recreational groups. The goal of this consultation was to assist Barwon Coast in designing a playground which meets coastal management requirements as well as taking into account the needs and desires of stakeholders and the community.

Step 3. June & July 2019. Review information gathered from community and stakeholder consultation. Review draft plans and finalise.

Step 4. August 2019. Inform community of final plans for the playground.

Step 5. September 2019. Seek government approval for the development of the playground.


The Ocean Grove Main Beach Precinct showing two potential playground locations

Please contact us on 5254 1118 with any questions about this project.