Barwon River Revetment Works Planning

Project Information

Key points:

  • The Barwon Coast Committee of Management and Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) are working to address erosion along the Barwon River at Ocean Grove.
  • The protection wall on the eastern riverbank near the Riverview Family Caravan Park and Barwon Estuary Walk is deteriorating.
  • Feedback was collected during May 2020 on community and visitor preferences on the look and feel of a new revetment at this site through a consultation process. A summary of this feedback can be downloaded here.
  • Feedback will be integrated into the decision-making process.

Project Description

The land within the Crown land foreshore reserve along the eastern bank of the Barwon River in Ocean Grove is identified in the Corangamite Regional Floodplain Management Strategy 2018 – 2028 as being subject to increased inundation by riverine flooding, storm surge and sea level rise.

This area of foreshore reserve is home to many important assets and values including the Riverview Family Caravan Park, a popular public shared trail adjacent to the river and grassy public parking and recreation areas. Revenue generated from the caravan park is an integral component of the operating budget for Barwon Coast operations.

The Barwon River Revetment Works Project will plan for the defence of the crown land assets as listed above. The end product of the project will be the identification of the most suitable built capital option to provide protection and associated costs. The built option design is required to a have a 50 year design life to meet requirements in the Victorian Government’s Marine and Coastal Policy 2020.

The project covers only the investigation and design phases of the project. Government processes require accurate costings before projects move to the construction phase. This planning process will provide Barwon Coast with certainty regarding the construction costs of these capital works.

The Project Area

The project area boundary has been determined by the lower lying riparian land on the Barwon River Estuary which has been identified as being impacted by riverine flooding, storm surge and sea level rise into the future. The northern extent of the project area is just north of the northern extent of Barwon Coast’s jurisdiction (Hurst Street) on the estuary and the southern extent boundary is just to the south of the Riverview Family Caravan Park.

The consultancy will take into consideration the potential impacts of these works on areas outside the project area to the north and south.

Strategic Background to the Project

In Barwon Coast’s key strategic document - the Draft Barwon Coast Coastal and Marine Management Plan 2020 -2025, the area encompassed by this project is within ‘Precinct 4, the Barwon River Estuary’ and ‘Accommodation Services’.

Priority values for these precincts of relevance to the project area are:

  • Nature recreation and open space opportunities
  • Access to both surf beach and safe river beach with family-focussed facilities
  • Visitor facilities suited to both day visitors and seasonal camping
  • Trails and paths
  • Ecological and habitat values
  • On-water activities
  • Strong landscape character
  • Lake Connewarre State Game Reserve Ramsar site

Protecting this area of the foreshore reserve will assist in protecting the associated values of the area.

Project Partners

This project is being managed by Barwon Coast in partnership with DELWP. The DELWP are the project sponsors. Environmental consultancy Water Technology has been contracted by Barwon Coast to undertake the coastal processes feasibility study and design development for this project.